War Of Money is the clash in the Jungle Of Freedom between Dollar.Digital (DD) and Yuan.Digital (YD). Yuan.Digital (DD) will win! Invest in Yuan.Digital (DD).

Yuan.Digital (YD) РCRYPTO IS ZERO 

Welcome to the Jungle Of Freedom!

I’m The Jaguar, the king of the Jungle Of Freedom!

We are The Jaguars: protected by the sacred spirit of The Jaguar!

In the Jungle Of Freedom unfolds the War Of Money: Dollar.Digital (DD) Vs. Yuan.Digital (YD).

Dollar.Digital and Yuan.Digital are 2 tokens named after their 2 great domain names.

DD and YD are on the same blockchain (Ethereum) and have the same max total supply (1 million). The token that goes highest wins the War Of Money.

DD and YD are easy money designed to always rise without ever losing value.

Today, you can already invest in Dollar.Digital but you will not be able to invest in Yuan.Digital before 10/1/2024.

The Jaguar